3 Ways Tai Chi Trains the Brain

Here’s a good Huffington Post article about how tai chi makes your brain bigger, keeps you on your toes, and helps you shake off stress.

3 Ways Tai Chi Trains the Brain
By Karl Romain

Your brain on meditation: calm, clear and confident. Your brain on Tai Chi: calm, clear, and confident. As a practitioner of both meditation and Tai Chi, I can attest to the shared outcomes of each practice.

But, I’ve seen students wrestle with the challenge of finding time to do both. While it’s optimal to sit in meditation, it’s often not necessary — especially if you practice Tai Chi. The common denominator may be that both Tai Chi and mindfulness meditation focus your attention on the breath. That single focus may help your brain make lasting changes that impact the way you see (and cope) with things.

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Tai chi improves symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

The benefits of tai chi are numerous. Here’s a recent article on how tai chi helps with Parkinson’s disease:

Tai chi, a type of exercise that guides the body through gentle, flowing poses, may help some of the worst physical problems of Parkinson’s disease, a new study shows.

If further studies confirm the findings, experts say it appears that tai chi might be an effective therapy for improving a person’s ability to walk, move steadily, and balance. Tai chi may also reduce the chances of a fall.

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